Grassie Granite & Marble has brought Stone Countertops to a new level, with state of the art technology it has brought Granite & Marble fabrication from the Flintstone Era to the modern age of the Jetsons.

All this is done by technology, (3) State of the art Bridge Saws for cutting slabs of stone, (1) Waterjet cutting machine with accuracy to .005 used for custom floor Medallions, intricate arcs, fancy islands and custom furniture. We also waterjet cut custom pieces in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel and other metals as well as wood, glass, plastics and virtually any material except tempered glass. (1) Laser Etching Machine for etching on stone or glass and even wood, (3) CNC Edge Profile Routers for fabrication to exact dimensions, (1) Bed Polisher for surface polishing, (2) Straight line polishers to mention some of the technology available to you our valued customers.

We are a custom fabricator with mass production capabilities, various styles of edgework is available for our clients. We carry a large inventory of slabs for you to choose from. No longer will you have to choose colors from small samples, you can see the complete slab with its beautiful flowing patterns.

Man cannot duplicate the beauty of Granite & Marble, as this is one of Gods creations. With today's technology all we can do is take his creation, cut it, polish it, and install this beautiful product of God in your home.